Demo version 1.1.0

Thanks everyone for the feedback! Seeing all the comments and gameplay videos was very helpful and motivating.

On this version, we have made this changes/fixes:

  • Increased vertical FOV (from 27 to 35). We hope this helps people who felt motion sickness or disoriented while playing the game.
    •  We were aiming to have an adjustable FOV, but for several technical issues, we couldn't do that. We hope to have this functionality ready for the next update.
  • The pause menu was redone as an overlay GUI.
  • Now it's possible to check the controls on the main menu screen.
  • Some sounds and music updates.
  • Fixed some misplaced models that had spaces between them, so it was possible to see the background of the level.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player to move if they activated the barrier dialog while the barrier was being dispelled.
  • When the player selected a glyph in the journal, closed the journal, then opened it again, the selected glyph was kept selected, but it wasn't being shown as selected in the journal. Now, when the player closes the journal, all previous selected glyphs are cleared.
  • Added one extra torch prompt.


The Nameless City v1.1.0-demo Windows 59 MB
Feb 20, 2022
The Nameless City-v1.1.0-demo 71 MB
Feb 20, 2022

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